Crossing National and Sexual Borders: A Latina/a and Latin American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Conference (Coming This Fall)

On October 3-5, 1996, “Crossing National and Sexual Borders” will bring together, for the first time, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender writers, artists, community leaders, cultural critics, and performers from Latin America and the United States to engage in an open dialogue and exchange of ideas. In panels, workshops, plenaries, performances and informal discussions, participants will address issues critical to our communities: AIDS, sexual taboos, classism, racism, and religious oppression. “Crossing National and Sexual Borders” aims to overcome invisibility, to examine cultural representations that stereotype us and to challenge homophobia and racism, the main components of our oppression both in Latin America and the United States. A coa I it ion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Latinas/os in the United States and their counterparts in Latin America would be a powerful, unprecedented step toward visibility and the affirmation of our rights. “Crossing National and Sexual Borders” will be the forum for such an historic, groundbreaking event- a landmark in our emerging histories and identities. Possible speakers include: Cherrie Moraga, Carlos Monsivais, Carlos Jauregui, Carmen Vazquez, and Frances Negrities. Organizing committee: Oscar Montero (Lehman College/CUNY), Arnaldo Cruz-Malave (Fordham University), Licia Fioi-Matta (Barnard College), Robert Irwin (New York University), Carmen Vazquez (Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center), Kelley Ready (Hunter College/CUNY), Carlos Rodriguez (Seton Hall), Elena M. Martinez (Baruch College/CUNY) The Performance subcommittee of the Conference Planning Committee organized a very successful fundraising event at WOW, entitled “An Evening of Mariconerias and Marimachismos,” with the participation of Carmelita Tropicana and Maureen Angelos, as hosts, and Lilly Montero (singer), Tepito Danz’aca (modern dance group), Dolores Prida (playwright), and performers Sussana Cook, Jessica Chalmers, Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, and Dan Bacalzo. The evening drew a full house and $1,000 was raised. The members of the performance subcommittee who organized this event are Robert Irwin, Carmelita Tropicana Camilla Fojas.