Dear Readers

Dear Readers,
Times change, and change brings with it opportunities to innovate. In Spring 2010 CLAGSnews will be offered online! A paperless newsletter will not only save a few trees, but also enhance your reading experience through built-in interactive features. The world of CLAGS at your fingertips!
We understand that some of you would rather hold the printed word in hand, flip through the pages rather than scroll down the screen. In order to accommodate your preference a small number of printed newsletters will be available at our office as well as at events. If you are a dues paying member we will be glad to mail you a free copy. Please email us your mailing address or check the
appropriate box on the CLAGS membership form. Also if you are not on our email list—if you haven’t received an email from us within a month chances are you are not—please join us by sending an email to: In case you do not wish to receive our general announcements please clearly state in the body of your email that your address is to be used specifically for newsletter related material.
We look forward to bringing you an updated, informative, and
exciting new incarnation of CLAGSnews. And, of course, we
welcome your suggestions on how to improve it continually.
See you online!