Donor Profile: Alma Karamesic-Kelley

“My partner and I want to raise our family in no other place than New York City. I want my sons to grow up in an environment where they can feel proud of their family. I support CLAGS because it promotes tolerance and celebration of diversity that makes this city so special. I came to the United States from Bosnia at the age of 17. Being queer in Bosnia means, at best, to be invisible, and at worst, to be victimized by intolerance based on ignorance. CLAGS plays a vital role in promoting social justice through scholarships focusing on queer issues. In these exciting times as queer community struggles for equal rights and recognition I believe education, the primary mission of CLAGS, is the best means to create effective change.”
Alma Karamesic-Kelley attended Oberlin College and is now a full-time mom. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner, son, and sister. She is expecting her second son in March.