Donor Profile: Vic Muñoz

Vic Muñoz, Ed.D.
Donor for Sylvia Rivera Award in Transgender
Studies in memory of Viviana Muñoz Mendoza
Sylvia Rivera and my mother, Viviana Muñoz Mendoza, would have enjoyed meeting each other very much because they were both passionate community activists. It’s important to me to honor the memory and the work of those who came before us. Many have made space for us at great personal cost and struggle and we should not forget them. I donate to the Sylvia Rivera Award so as to remember our radical transgressive beautiful courageous mothers and to celebrate the
future of Trans–Studies. In the spirit of Stonewall I would like to encourage everyone to donate to this award to honor Ma Sylvia and all the trans-people of color on whose shoulders we stand.
Vic Muñoz is a Professor of Psychology and
Gender Studies at Wells College, Aurora, New York