Fellowship Winners

Monette-Horwitz Dissertation Prize
Patty Kelly was awarded the 2003 Monette-Horwitz Prize for
her dissertation, “Sex Work in the ‘Other’ Chiapas: Prostitution,
Morality and Modernity in Urban Mexico.” Kelly received a PhD in
anthropology in October 2002 from the Graduate Center of the
City University of New York, currently holds a post-doctoral
fellowship at Baruch College, CUNY, and just published a
chapter called “I Made Myself from Nothing: Women and Sex
Work in Urban Chiapas” in Women of Chiapas: Making History in
Times of Struggle and Hope (Christine Eber and Christine Kovic
eds. Routledge 2003). u
Sylvia Rivera Prize in Transgender Studies
Stephen Whittle was the second annual recipient of CLAGS’s
Rivera Prize for his 2002 publication, Respect and Equality;
Transsexual and Transgender Rights, excerpted on pg. 3 of this
issue of CLAGSnews. Whittle is the Reader in Law at Manchester
Metropolitan University, as well as Vice-President of Press For
Change, the UK’s transgender lobby group. He also co-ordinates
the FtM Network. In 2002 he received the Liberty/Justice Human
Rights Award for 30 years of campaigning work for transgender
rights. He has published widely on transgender law and theory,
including his forthcoming A Transgender Studies Reader (Taylor