First Wednesday of the Month Colloquia

The First Wednesday of the Month Colloquia Series continues to host presentations and discussions by scholars about their work in progress. The Fall 1994 Series began on October 5th with the work of Pat Griffin, Associate Professor of Social Justice Education at Amherst College, which focused on the prevalence of homophobia in women’s sports, especially at the college level. On November 2nd, Professor James Woods, author of The Corporate Closet, shared his current research on male hustlers and offered some theoretical insights about boundaries which his respondents attempt to maintain between the public and private realms of their lives. On December 7th, Jacqui Alexander, Visiting Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and Gender Studies at the New School for Social Research, delivered a paper on sex legislation during the postColonial period in the Caribbean, embedding the data in a frame which synthesized materialist, feminist, and queer theory.
The schedule for this spring includes:
February 1 Josh Gamson, “Deciding How We Look: The Production of Identity in Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals”
March 1 Janice Irvine, “A Place in the Rainbow: Controversies over Teaching Lesbian and Gay Issues in Public Education”
April 5 Allan Berube, “A Third Red, A Third Black, A Third Queer: Work and Sexual Identities in the Marine Cooks and Stewards Union, 1930s-1950s”
May 3 Jonathan Ned Katz, “Before There Were Fairies: 19th Century Men Loving Men”
Call the CLAGS office at 212.642.2924 for time and room location.