Ford Grant for International Project

CLAGS is thrilled to announce that we have received a
grant of $100,000 from the Ford Foundation to support a
year of working meetings with colleagues from all over the
world to prepare our International Resources Network. The
project will consist of a database of international contacts and a
beginning archive of international research materials related to
subjects of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, and Queer
Studies. This extensive and searchable International Resource
Network would expand and connect those doing LGTBQ
Studies around the world, contribute to building scholarship
that provokes more comparative work, contribute to the more
equal distribution of ideas and capacities, and, we hope, prove
to be a model for others seeking to link up academic and
community scholars in other fields. While the project builds on
CLAGS’s expansion into international LGTBQ work in recent
years and we have been developing the concept for some time,
we feel that now, in the wake of the September 11th attacks,
the need for international communication, exchange, and
cross-fertilization of scholarship is more urgent than ever.
With the Ford Foundation’s support, we will be hosting a
two-day working meeting in November with colleagues
throughout North
America and with
some 60 colleagues —
coming from East
Timor, Namibia,
Russia, Brazil, Cuba,
Egypt, China, Nigeria,
Serbia, Australia, India,
Thailand, Holland,
Mexico, Jamaica,
Britain, Palestine,
Israel, Canada, and
elsewhere — to dream
up together the best
and most useful ways
to develop the
Network. That meeting
will determine the
project’s next steps,
which are likely to
include some regional
planning meetings in
the Spring.