From the Executive Director

We find ourselves in difficult times: last November, referenda against same-sex marriage
passed in 11 states; the war in Iraq continues, unabated; oxymoronic legislators in DC are
strategizing to privatize social security; the Democratic Party is reevaluating its support of
reproductive rights; the national security state is making it possible for states to verify their
inhabitants’ records against those of the feds, resulting in many undocumented workers and
some trans people losing their drivers licenses; PBS has decided not to distribute a children’s
show in which a cartoon rabbit talks to the real
children of lesbian moms, and even SpongeBob
SquarePants finds himself under attack by the
religious right.
In such a climate, the work of CLAGS to
promote scholarship, art, and activism that foster
social change is more essential than ever. Our fall
programming accomplished just that: from our
opening two-panel event showcasing the multipleissue
organizing of today’s young queer activists and
raising hard questions about the practices and values
of queer media representation in the age of “Queer
Eye,” to our first ever film festival, “Picturing
Queerness and Disability,” to honoring the work of
pioneering filmmaker Isaac Julien with the 13th
Annual David R. Kessler Award.
In the months ahead, CLAGS will be forging
ahead with this pressing work, with, among other
things, a national conference on trans politics and the
debut of a multi-language website for our
International Resource Network. As a membership
organization, CLAGS relies on the generosity of our members and donors to support everything
we do. These events—and the many other programs, fellowships, and colloquia described in
this issue of CLAGSnews—would not have been possible without your support. Thank you.