Imagining the Future—Lively Forum Held at Baruch College

A diverse crowd of more than 120 students, teachers, and community members packed baruch college’s conference center in february to hear – and participate in – a lively discussion on the state of the lgbtq movement. Panelists Kerry Lobel (National Lesbian and Gay Task Force) Robert Vázquez-Pacheco (Audre Lorde Project) and michael warner (author of the trouble with normal: Sex, politics and the ethics of queer life) kicked off the conversation by debating such questions as the dominance of same-sex marriage in the mainstream movement, the complexities and pitfalls of hate crime legislation, and the tensions between national and local organizing. Audience members quickly joined in, both challenging and endorsing the panelists’ points, some pressing them on the question of how to achieve immigration rights for the foreign partners of us gays and lesbians unless through marriage, others pushing them further on their analyses of single-issue versus broader liberationist visions of lgbtq politics. The event was the first of what clags hopes to be an ongoing series of programs at CUNY campuses.