In Memoriam: Monique Wittig

CLAGS was deeply saddened to learn of
the sudden death on January 6 of Monique
Wittig, the internationally distinguished
novelist, essayist and poet, and a foundational
thinker in feminist and lesbian theory. Wittig’s
works, including The Opoponax (1964), Les
Guéurillères (1969), The Lesbian Body (1973),
Lesbian Peoples: Materials for a Dictionary (coauthored
with her partner Sande Zeig, 1975),
Across the Acheron (titled in the original French,
Virgile, non, 1984), The Constant Journey (with
Zeig, 1985) and The Straight Mind (1992) broke
formal and intellectual ground, creating new
feminist mythologies, fictive structures, and
languages. Wittig elaborated a philosophy of
lesbian materialism that has had a profound
influence on the development of LGTBQ
Studies. A Professor of French and Women’s
Studies at the University of Arizona, Wittig
delivered CLAGS’s fourth annual David R.
Kessler lecture in 1995. u