Membership Drive Deemed A Success

As we come to the end of another year at CLAGS, we just wanted to take a minute to tell you that we couldn’t do it without you – 259 of you, to be exact. CLAGS had its most successful membership campaign ever this year. With the help of a matching grant from The Paul Rapoport Foundation, and your individual contributions, we broke all our previous records. And (given the drying up of both public and private funds, not to mention the current political climate) it’s a really good thing we did. As gay/lesbian/queer studies increasingly comes under attack (from the Wall Street journal to 60 Minutes to our own illustrious mayor), we have found it more and more necessary to build a broad base of support that’s not tied to governments or foundations. Your support lets us forge ahead without compromising . If you’ve received our membership materials this year, you’ll have noticed that the program has changed some. We’ve tried to bring together benefits of membership that we hope are really useful to you. We welcome any thoughts or suggestions you might have. And, if you haven’t had a chance to join CLAGS yet, we encourage you to tear off the page at the end of the newsletter and send it in. CLAGS is a university research center, but, unlike most research centers, it belongs to a community. It matters a lot to us that so many students and academics and activists from all across the country have joined CLAGS this year.

Rachel Cohen
Development Consultant