Michael C.P. Ryan Bequest

CLAGS has received a generous bequest from the from the estate of Michael C.P. Ryan. The executor of Mr. Ryan’s estate, Ana-Mita Betancourt, announced that the $60,000 bequest will fund the Michael C.P. Ryan Latina/Latina Colloquium Series, a five-year program exploring political, cultural, and artistic questions facing lesbian and gay Latina/as in the United States and Latin America. The bequest follows an earlier gift from the Ryan estate that helped fund the historic conference, Crossing National and Sexual Borders: Queer Sexualities in Latin/o America, in October 1996. Michael C.P. Ryan (1956-1995) was a lawyer, gay activist, and long-time friend of CLAGS. He received his Master’s degree in Latin American Studies and a law degree from Stanford University in 1982. The bequest and colloquia reflect Mr. Ryan’s life-long commitment to Latin American studies and to lesbian and gay civi I rights. The colloquium series will continue the project initiated by the Crossing Borders confer’ence. The first day-long colloquium, to take place in Fall 1998, is entitled “Latina/Latina Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Activism in Latin America and in the United States.” This will be followed by “AIDS in the Latino Communities” (2000); “Poetry and Narrative: A Conversation with Writers” (2001); and “A Graduate Students Colloquium (2003). “Looking Back/ Crossihg Borders” will conclude the series in 2004. The series will be coordinated by CLAGS Board Members and organizers from the Crossing Borders conference: Elizabeth Crespo, Arnalda Cruz-Malave, Elena M. Martinez, Oscar Montero, and Jose Esteban Munoz.