New Board Members

This Fall the CLAGS Board of Directors elected two new members:

MARTIN MANALANSAN is currently Coordinator of the Department of Evaluation at GMHC. He is also a doctoral candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of Rochester. His primary interest is in the lives of Filipino gay men in New York City. His most recent publication is “Disorienting the Body: Locating Symbolic Resistance Among Filipino Gay Men,” in Positions: East Asian Cultures Critique 2(1), 73-90, 1994.

JAMES SMAllS is Assistant Professor of art history at Rutgers University. His specialties are 19th century French art and 20th century African-American art and culture. Within these areas his interests focus on the constructive interrelationships between (homo- and hetero-) sexuality and race in visual art and culture. He has just completed a soon-to-be published book entitled: Esc/ave, Negre, Noir: The Black Presence in French Art, 1700-1900.