New Book Series Probes Sexual Cultures

New York University Press, in association with CLAGS, recently announced its forthcoming book series, Sexual Cultures: New Directions from the Center for Lesbian and Cay Studies. The general editors of the series include CLAGS board members Jose Munoz and Ann Pellegrini, as well as Eric Zinner of NYU Press. Sexual Cultures will explore the unique experiences and contributions of lesbian/gay/bisexual/trangendered and queer people from diverse communities. Lesbian and gay scholarship suffers from a certain stasis that Sexual Cultures is determined to disrupt, a stasis that derives from an overarching concern With the local, the masculine, and the white subject. Taking lesbian, gay, and sexuality studies as its points of departure-and not ends in themselves-books in this series will promote scholarship about the lived experiences of sexual minorities. .. Mirroring the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, this means maintaining strong activist and community commitments, and forging links between academe and “actually existing” queer cultures. In the process, Sexual Cultures will expand the definition of what lesbian and gay studies includes, particularly in the areas of race, nationality, rei igion, and class. The series will entertain manuscripts from a variety of academic disciplines on a wide range of academic and nonacademic subjects. Books in the series will cover such topics as the culture of drag kings, Latin American sexuality, passing, the encroachments of global capital on local homosexualities, and queers and Christians. All of the books in Sexual Cultures will have critical horizons large enough to take in the current transformations of knowledges, identities, and capital on a shifting world stage. Pursuing scholarship that can speak across disciplinary boundaries, as well as the border between academic and activist, Sexual Cultures seeks above all to intervene in and enable a vibrant and public queer culture.