New Development Consultant

CLAGS is pleased to announce the addition of Stephanie Grant to our small but energetic staff. In April, Grant came on board as a part-time development consultant. She will focus her energies on expanding our individual donor base, writing grants and planning CLAGS’s annual fund raiser, this year scheduled for Apri l 1996. Grant comes to CLAGS with a long history of working in the lesbian and gay movement. When she first arrived in New York in the early 1980’s she was one of the principal organizers of the Committee of Outraged Lesbians (COOL), a direct action group that protested a local women’s bar that was discriminating against women of color; and then in 1987 became a full-time activist, working at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, where she helped establish Project Connect, the Center’s alcohol and drug abuse intervention and prevention program. She went on to become the Center’s first Director of Special Projects. Grant has also been a Revson Fellow at Columbia University and has a “second life,” as a fiction writer. Her first novel The Passion of Alice, will be published by Houghton Mifflin this October. About CLAGS she says: “I’ve been following the organization for years. I’m thrilled to be directly involved now – everyone knows that CLAGS is an incredibly important organization for our community. A queer foothold in academia. A kind of lesbian and gay th ink tank. Its programs give us the opportunity to come together and ask each other the most meaningful, the most provocative questions about our lives, our community, our future. I couldn’t be more excited to be here.”