News from CLAGS

CLAGS was deeply saddened to learn of the
recent passing of Joan Heller, a longtime
supporter of our organization’s efforts. Heller had a
successful career as an advertising executive
specializing in women’s cosmetics in New York City
and, more recently, teamed up with her life partner
of ten plus years, Diane Bernard, to advance
equality and social justice through philanthropy.
Joan’s support of LGTBQ communities and issues
has this year allowed CLAGS to offer two Joan
Heller-Diane Bernard Fellowships, which support
research into the impact of lesbians and gay men
on US society and culture. To make a donation
towards this fellowship in honor of Joan Heller’s life
and many contributions to the LGTBQ community,
please contact the CLAGS office or see pg. 23 of
this newsletter.

CLAGS would like to congratulate our
development director Sara Ganter and her
partner Amador Pons on the birth of their new
baby! Julian was born on Wednesday, April 15,
2004, weighing in at 10 lbs. 8oz. We would like to
wish them the best in happiness and health for
years to come.