Positive Images Campaign Offers Gay Research and Internship Opportunities for Students

Undergraduate and graduate students in the social sciences are being sought by the Fund for Human Dignity to design and carry out a program of research for the Fund’s Positive Images Campaign.

Faculty members at CUNY or other New York area schools can help by agreeing to sponsor their students’ research as an independent study project or by accepting such projects as part of coursework in existing courses.

Students will work under the supervision of the Fund’s own volunteer staff of academically trained market researchers.

The Positive Images Campaign, begun in 1987, is a nationwide communications project incorporating media, advertising, and public relations to influence public opinion about lesbians and gays in a positive direction.

It is a special project of the Fund, which was founded in 197 4 to combat prejudice by promoting knowledge and understanding of gay men and lesbians.

The objectives of research needed to help formulate the strategies of the Positive Images Campaign are four-fold:

1. To assess historical attitudes concerning lesbians and gay men among the media and the general population;

2. To determine shifts in attitude vis-a-vis. The AIDS crisis and the political and economic environments of the last 20 years;

3. To construct a model of the consumer habits, attitudes, and usage patterns of the nationwide lesbian/ gay population;

4. To evaluate the current socio-economic status of the lesbian/ gay population.

Students interested in working on research in these areas and teachers who are willing to sponsor such research or who know of interested students should contact Prof. Marilyn Lamkay at Bronx Community College.

She can be reached at her BCC office. (212) 220-6446, Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM. to 2:00P.M., or at home, 865-7431.