Proseminars to Start in 1993

On April 11, 1992, the CLAGS Board voted to replace its current Colloquium Series with a Proseminar Program, beginning in September 1993. The proposal for the proseminars was made by newly-elected Board member, Gilda Zwerman, and current Board member and Chair of the Colloquium Series, Seymour Kleinberg. Zwerman and Kleinberg will serve as co-coordinators of this program.

Initially, five separate proseminars will be organized:

– Constructing Gender Identity
– Contemporary Politics and the Gay and Lesbian Movement
– Cross-cultural Perspectives on Gay and Lesbian Identity
– Religious Conceptions of Homosexuality and Homosexual Conceptions of Religion
– Images of Lesbians and Gay Men in the Arts and Literature

Each proseminar will consist of 1 0 to 15 permanent members which may include faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars who are currently writing and/or doing research in one of these areas.

They will meet biweekly during the semester to discuss a piece of writing-in-progress, such as a conference paper, an article for publication, a book chapter, or a grant proposal, that has been submitted in advance by one of the participants. The work will receive comments from a designated discussant and critical attention from the proseminar members.

The proseminars were conceived with the purpose of providing a stable, ongoing environment in which gay and lesbian scholars and writers in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and legal studies could exchange ideas and develop their work. In the absence of a graduate department in Gay Studies at every university in the metropolitan area, the proseminars will be particularly concerned with fostering interaction among graduate students and established scholars.