QUNY Notes

QUNY, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer student group at the The Graduate Center, CUNY, has recently elected Robert Kaplan (English) to join Mano lo Guzman (Sociology) as the graduate student representatives to the CLAGS board. QUNY and CLAGS have also been working together to develop an interdisc ipl inary concentration in lesbian and gay studies at the GSUC. During the spring semester, QUNY will host a social in late February, a pub I ication party for ShoutOut! Multicultural Literary Magazine by LGBT College Students (http ://www.paperveins.org.shoutout), and wi ll conduct a works-in-progress series for students to present their research. Notice of events are posted around the GSUC and on our e-mail li st, which you can join by contacting Linda Camarasana (English) at lcamaras@email.gc.cuny.edu.

Linda Camarasana
QUNY Chair