Scholar Seeking Stonewall Riot Witnesses and Documentary Materials and Photographs

For a book-length oral history of the Stonewall riots, researcher Michael Scherker is seeking to interview participants, witnesses, police officers, journalists, and anyone else with first-hand knowledge of the “three days that shook the gay world” in June of 1969.

He is also looking for photographs, letters, diary entries, or other documentary material that was generated by the event. Of special interest are the testimonies of women and people of color.

Mr. Scherker will be traveling across the country this year and could arrange to visit people interested in talking with him. Proceeds from his book are earmarked to create a fund for gay and lesbian archives. To help out or to get more information, you may contact Michael Scherker at P.O. Box 10039, Brooklyn, New York 11210, or telephone (718) 434-6814.