Seminar in the City Fall 2012

Queering the Frame: Transgressive Performance and the Possibility of Freedom

Transgressive art shocks, titillates, enlightens and, perhaps
most importantly, provides a space of inclusion for marginalized
or neglected communities. At this vital moment, the
role of queered bodies in transgressive art has become increasingly
threatened and equally necessary.
This Seminar in the City seeks to examine the role of so-called
“dangerous” art and ask questions such as:
— What does it mean to be a transgressive artist?
— How is transgressive art, already redefining boundaries of artmaking,
include racial and sexual, minoritarian bodies?
— Can transgression bring us into a space of queer freedom?
New York City has a rich history of transgressive artists including:
filmmakers like Nick Zedd, Richard Kern, Paul Morrissey and John
Waters, artists like Keith Haring, Adrian Piper and Andy Warhol, the
public protests of ACT UP, to the more recent, artistic projects by
Andres Serrano and Chris Ofili.
We will use the city as a canvas for our research. This course will
include both seminar discussions and visits to performances/interventions/
art exhibits in the New York City area. We will convene
to discuss the readings and then visit spaces such as the MoMA,
New Museum and performance spaces to engage in site-specific
research. Authors we will read include Coco Fusco, José Muñoz,
Elizabeth Grosz, Judith “Jack” Halberstam, and Joseph Roach.
No prior experience in art history/criticism, theoretical readings, or
performance necessary. All readings will be provided.
Seminar Dates: October 13th, 20th, 27th, and November 3rd.
Location and Times: TBA.
To participate: RSVP by October 1st to
Sujay Pandit is a PhD candidate in Performance Studies at New York
University; his work focuses on the interplay between space/place,
architecture, human rights and philosophy. He completed his BA in
Philosophy and Politics at Sarah Lawrence College and his Master’s
in Performance Studies at New York University. He is also keenly
interested in digital and new media. Outside of the academy, Sujay
has worked as a graphic designer, digital archivist/photographer
and multimedia specialist for multiple media outlets including:
Scientific American Magazine, PBS’ Art:21, the NYU Afghan Digital
Library, and various corporations. Sujay in the Memberships and
Fellowships coordinator at CLAGS.