Two Volume CLAGS Reader to be Published

Last Spring CLAGS and the New York University Press announced that they would publish a series of books in lesbian and gay studies. The first two volumes in that series have recently gone to press. Both have been edited by Martin Duberman, the founder and outgoing Director of CLAGS, and consist of selected material presented at various CLAGS conferences, colloquia and lectures from 1988 to 1995. The first volume, A Queer World: The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader, will be published in February of 1997, to be followed two months later by Queer Representations: Reading Lives, Reading Cultures. Sections in A Queer World include: “Mapping Identities: Gender and Sexuality,” “The Terrains of History: New Stories, New Methodologies,” “Mind/Body Relations: Science and Psychology,” “laws and Markets,” and “Sexual Politics.” Among the more than fifty contributors to the volume are: Alan Bray, William Byne, Douglas Crimp, Jewelle Gomez, Gilbert Herdt, Gregory Herek, Janice Irvine, Jonathan Ned Katz, Elizabeth Kennedy, Suzanne Kessler, Vivien Ng, Walt Octets, Cindy Patton, Ruthann Robson, Judith Roof, Will Roscoe, Randolph Trumbach and Sharon Thompson. The second volume, Queer Representations, has section headings that include: “Ancient Genealogies,” “Visualizing Homosexuality,” “The lives of Texts and People,” “Assays in Autobiography,” and “Creating Queer Culture.” Among the volume’s many contributors are: Dorothy Allison, Blanche McCrary Boyd, Dennis Cooper, David Feinberg, Essex Hemphill, Allen Ginsberg, Jill Johnston, Michael Moon, Oscar Montero, Joan Nestle, Dale Peck, Felice Picano, Assotto Saint, and Edmund White. Four additional volumes in the CLAGS/NYU series are already under contract, and the series will, in the future, be open to any full-length, scholarly manuscripts relating to lesbian and gay studies. The co-editors of the series are Jeffrey Escoffier and Esther Katz. Escoffier is a CLAGS board member and co-founder of OUT/LOOK magazine. Katz is an adjunct Associate Professor of American History at NYU and Director/Editor of the Margaret Sanger Papers Project. She has recently published The Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition and is now preparing a fourvolume book edition of Sanger’s selected letters for Indiana University Press. Katz has been on the CLAGS Board of Directors since 1992 and has served as its Chairfrom 1993-1996.