Upcoming CLAGS Conferences

I. Lesbian and Gay History: Defining a Field

On Friday, October 6 and Saturday, October 7 – the first weekend of Lesbian and Gay and Bisexual History Month – the CUNY Graduate School PhD Program in History and CLAGS will co-host a conference untitled “Lesbian and Gay History: Defining a Field.” Bringing together more than fifty scholars from the United States and abroad, the conference will provide an opportunity to explore new directions and continuing debates in the field of gay and lesbian history. Topics of discussion will include, “classic” debates surrounding the historiography of “Romantic Friendship” and “Gender and the Homosexual Role;” the writing of biography; the ongoing efforts of archivists to preserve and make available the material record of bisexual, transgendered, gay and lesbian lives; the complexities and challenges of teaching gay and lesbian history both in and out of the university; and the work of graduate students and independent scholars. Friday evening the film “Outrage 69,” which examines gay and lesbian politics in the aftermath of Stonewall will be shown. The film has already generated heated debate and should provide a useful focus for discussing the representation of gay and lesbian politics. At the close of the conference on Saturday, a reception wil l be held at the Graduate School . The conference will be held in the Proshansky Auditorium of the Graduate Center at 33 West 42 Street. Seating is I imited and advance registration is strongly recommended. There will be overflow space available where the conference can be followed via closed circuit television. The Rockefeller Foundation and the New York Council for the Humanities are sponsors. The suggested donation for attendance is $25.00. For registration information contact the PhD Program in History at the CUNY Graduate School and University Center, 33 West 42 Street, New York, NY 10036, or call 212.642.2110. Terence Kissack For the Conference Coordinating Committee

II. Margin/Center: Emergent Discourses in Latin American and Latino Literature and Culture

On March 21-22, 1996, CLAGS, in conjunction with the Americas Society’s Department of Literature, will sponsor a conference entitled “Margin/Center: Emergent Discourses in Latin American and Latino Literature and Culture.” The conference will bring together scholars to discuss cultural and literary issues that have been considered under the rubric of margin/center in Latin American and Latino studies. Panelists will address issues of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. Among invited speakers are Sylvia Molloy (New York University), Agnes LugoOrtiz (Dartmouth College), Ruben Rios (University of Puerto Rico), Carol Beane (Howard University) and Doris Sommer (Harvard University). The event will take place at the Americas Society, 680 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021. Free Admission. For further details, call the CLAGS office at 212.642.2924.

III. A Politics Conference

On Thursday and Friday, February 8 and 9, 1996, CLAGS will hold a two-day conference on lesbian and gay politics. Timed strategically at the beginning of the US president ial election campaign season, the conference will feature keynote speakers who will frame lesbian and gay political discourse with reference to our own goals and strategies (as distinct from the most we can hope for in the election). Panels will address lesbian and gay politics in the US, the global polit ical economy of homosexuality, and conflicts and collaboration within the lesbian and gay movementnationally and transnationally. Panelists will include: Larry Kramer, Cathy Cohen, Bob Bailey, Rebecca Salokar, Dennis Altman, John D’Emilio, and Juanita Ramos-Diaz. There will be provision for participation by academic researchers, policy makers and community activists, as well as concerned lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered citizens. Proceedings of the conference wi II be published as a special issue of GLQ (Gay and Lesbian Quarterly) in the summer of 1996. In order to stimulate discussion at the conference, papers presented will be available prior to the conference dates. For information, contact the Politics Conference Steering Committee, c/o Mark Blasius, CLAGS, CUNY Graduate School, 33 West 42 Street, NYC 10036-8099.