Volunteers Wanted

Periodically CLAGS has a mailing party! All hands are welcome and lunch is included! In the picture on the left, on August 23rd, mailing invitations for the October benefit, from left to right: Randy Trumbach (Board member), Dan Evans (CUNY graduate student and CLAGS administrative assistant), Sharon Thompson (Board member), Cheryl Clarke (CLAGS Cochair), and Alisa Solomon (Board member) can be seen in Martin Duberman’s apartment. In the picture on the right, from left to right: Luke Doles (volunteer), Greg Kucher (CUNY graduate student), Martin Duberman and Dan Evans are seen on October 2nd at the CUNY Graduate School stuffing book bags just before the benefit began. If you are interested in joining us at events such as these, please contact Dan Evans at (212) 642-2924.