Queering the Frame: Seminar In The City Fall 2012

Queering the Frame: Transgressive Performance and the Possibility of Freedom
Seminar Leader: Sujay Pandit
Oct. 13, 20, and 27, 11–1pm
WOW Cafe Theatre, 59–61 E 4th St.

Last fall, this bi-annual seminar discussed the ways in which transgressive art shocks, titillates, enlightens and, perhaps most importantly, provides a space of inclusion for marginalized or neglected communities. A participant discussed how, at this vital moment, the role of queered bodies in transgressive art has become increasingly threatened and equally necessary. The seminar used the city as a canvas for their research, attending various artistic spaces around the city, including MOMA, the New Museum, and theatrical performances to engage in site specific research. The group convened for three consecutive weeks in order to critique performances by Coco Fusco, José Muñoz, Elizabeth Grosz, Judith “Jack” Halberstam, Joseph Roach, and many others in relation to the various readings provided by the seminar leader. Unfortunately, because of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the final session was cancelled. Regardless, the seminar was a great success and was enjoyed by all who attended.

CLAGS would like to thank the WOW Café for allowing us to use their space. The theatre proved to be a fitting location for the subject of transgressive performance in New York.